Held Hostage by Thoughts or Other Shackles?

Part of the definition of Shackles is : anything that restrains freedom of expression or action.

What area of your life is currently holding you hostage?

Shackles come to us women in many different forms, some of which may be:
*Our past that needs to be healed.
*Emotionally or physically abusive relationships.
*Personal drugs or alcohol abuse.
*Sexual addiction.
*Lack of eduction.
*Fear of the unknown.
*Fear of failure.
*Fear of success.
*Obese shells hiding the beautiful inner self.
*The voice between our own ears.

........ the list varies from one unique individual to the next.

However, as unique women we are also innately designed with the ability to remove the shackles that have us bound.

For instance, a friend and I were talking this morning about temper. I lost mine yesterday for the first time in over 2 years and I did not like the way I felt about myself after the fact. My particular situation requires of me to occasionally lay down my silly, sunny, sweet disposition and pick up the red lipstick again. The red lipstick is the emotional tool I need to bring out the Pitbull from within myself for a little "back off buddy action". I refer to myself during those necessary standoffs as "A pitbull with lipstick."

Generally the Pitbull Within is only called upon for my personal survival rings in life. Determination is my Pitbull's name and winning is her game! If you try to put a collar, leash, fenced in yard or any other restraint on Determination to restrict her freedom of expression or action......... there is going to be a fight!

Ladies, it can be a fight that is sometimes won with one simple "NO" at a time. NO...to emotionally or abusive relationships. NO...to Sexual, drug or alcohol abuse. NO...to the voice in your head that tells you an opinion of someone else's lie.

Sometimes we can win our freedom by saying YES! YES...I owe it to myself to get counseling to let go of pain that is still requiring some healing. YES...to taking one class at a time until I have the education to make a dream come true for myself. YES...to jumping arms wide open into the world of the unknown chance of success. YES...to a job that may challenge me but take me to a world of greater wealth. YES...to walking and counting calories to really feel good in my own skin and clothes.

You and I are the not alone in this Journey called Life!

Written by  Debbie Kesley

"We come to recognize that God is unlimited in supply and that everyone has equal access." Julia Cameron


Removing the Shackles,

PS:  Movie I recommend:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422093/  Diary of a Mad Black Woman

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