"Daily Affirmations" for "one of those days!"

If my little inner child ever popped out of my physical body I am sure she would look like this!  This child is precious and the message is one I look at many times :-)

This reminds me of myself except I have affirmations taped in my
bathroom , my kitchen, my vision board, my computer, my refrigerator........
well.....I do have a few years of "un-training to do!"

Honestly, today has been one of "those days" in every way, shape and form.

My plan is to breathe........just breathe............

get a good night's sleep.............

in the morning wake up and vision the day as the day I want........

and in the meanwhile......keep being grateful for everyone, and everything, that is in my life to be grateful for!

Written by  Debbie Kesley


Strength Within: Women Weebles Wobble

"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!" 

An advertising phrase used frequently in the 1970s and a phrase used during my informative years.  Tonight, maybe I think like a lot of single ladies, single moms and those wives in a challenging economy.  Tonight I am wondering……..”am I gonna Wobble or am I gonna fall down?”

Like the Weeble Lady, I am finding my own stability from deep within myself.

I am WOMAN…..I can “bring home the bacon {du du du dom} fry it up in a pan {du du du dom}  and never, never, never let you forget your a man.......cause I'm a woman!

Where did we get the idea that we always have to wobble? 

Although I am always striving to move forward in the concepts that The Universe has enough to go around….or “just trust” …….or “every little thing is gonna be alright” …..or ...."God is Good" ......or ......“don’t worry…..be happy" ....we have inbred triggers that push us forward as women!”  

As a woman in the trenches, even as I write this article, sometimes I have to take a moment and acknowledge the Big Foot in life that comes over and kicks the crap out of Weeble Lady to see what will happen.

Like the Weeble Lady I may lose my temporary balance. I may sway from one decision to another as I find my footing again and my head may spin as I regain my focus!  However, once that focus is back, once the balance has been righted, I am again ready to stand firm and sing………………..cause I’m a woman!

However; because I am Woman I will learn to love my neighbor As MYself and I will honor my body with "me time" , healthy food and plenty of rest. And as a woman I will delegate responsibilities so my offspring can become independent great leaders. Because I am a woman I will be gentle to the man that is stepping up to the plate to lighten a load that is hard for me to carry. As a wise woman I will never feel the need to drag or carry a man along. Acknowledging the fact that I was wonderfully woven as a woman in my mother's womb; I will respect all life-giving beings. animal and human, and remember Mother Earth as the nurturing source she is.

Mostly, because I am a woman, I will probably bounce back more often than not and make the Weeble Wobble Woman proud!

Written by Debbie Kesley