Feel The Feelings Now!

Feel The Feelings Now!
written by Debbie Kesley

Can You Feel It?

The Feeling of “Having it Now?”
When you are totally happy
To over flowing –
And the tears that fall
Are such a sweet release.

You want to save them in
A bottle to label
With a day and year
To bring out again
And savor in the times
When you seem to be forgetting
That feeling of “Having it Now.”

So grab it! Photograph it!
Write about it!
Share it with a friend who
Will remind you down the
Road of how good it felt
When you were in “the now”
And that “now” was more intense
And real than all the other moments of time
Because that particular time stood still.

Remember it. 
When was the last time you felt love?
In-tune with your entire reason to
Be sucking wind on this planet
We call Earth?

Feel it again…….
Pour a glass from a great
Time and place
When your lover held you
Like he would never let you go……

Feel it again……..
The laughter ringing in your ears
As you share a moment of
Joy with a child full of wonder and delight.

Feel it again……..
The delectable tastes of icecream and
cherished times of closeness with a best friend
Who sees you with the heart and accepts
You for just who you are…..

Feel it again……
The moment of success when
You were great on the dance floor and you knew it…
When you met your goal of a grade, of a week’s earnings
Or even when you said …. I give up and I will simply ‘Allow’

Feel it……
Remember it…..
Call it to Life again by pouring the memories
And the feelings they provoke
Into today’s empty glass
To attract more of the
Same again.

Feel the feelings.

Written by Debbie Kesley


  1. Beautiful poem...you have such a wonderful talent. It's like a painting in words because we are able to place images between the lines.

    ~ Nathalie

    1. Nathalie.......those words coming from an artist that amazes me.....I am humbled. Paint it this week!! Show me what it looks like with your brush :) I know you can.

  2. Debbie, this writing made me connect to when I ended a relationship almost two decades ago. This is an anthem to everyone that you will get past that "just leave me the hell alone" sign on your forehead and you'll remember how and WANT to be happy again.

    1. Kimba.......we do have "interesting teachers" along the way at times :) I'm learning to appreciate contrast more and more and at times just feel so blessed because the good is so much sweeter having tasted the bitter times in life. Be Blissed!

  3. Debbie, this is beautifully written and thought out. A great reminder to focus on the NOW and also to document our feels. Something I need to do more of.

    1. Thanks Angelina........it is something I need to do more of as well.

  4. These words are so touching and so heartfelt. Thank you for your gift.

    1. Thank you Suzanne for your encouragement :-) and for stopping by my blog!

  5. Hi Debbie, this is such an important reminder that connecting to the feeling of being in the flow, instead of indulging an impulse, can be a powerful tool.

    We can re-wire the part of us seeking constant comfort by allowing these comforting vibes to come through.

    Thank you!


    1. Learning to re-wire! Many happy vibes to you Robin - thanks!

  6. Feel it again . . . I love it!

  7. What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Gratitude Coach