The Place Called "We"

The Place Called “We”

21 days since the last simple human touch of another,
A  hug from my daughter.
Are you worth the wait?

Did you know I wondered where you were  as I walked in the door to an empty house again tonight?

Sure, I can do this single thing called life by myself as a strong woman….
but maybe, just maybe , I would love for a strong man to take the lead as I support him along the way.   

I know my strength, and my value as one who supports and encourages.

21 days of 9 to 5 toil in the work place with the demands meant for a competing, man-leader of sorts, when my soul is meant to be gentle, loving and kind.
I played a role today meant for another.
Maybe I actually want to nurture, encourage and support you and others, not  climb the ladder of success.

Are you missing something in your life?   
Are you missing me as I am longing the presence of you?

Have you also figured out that going to bed alone and waking up alone seems to be calling you to more?

Is being “free and single” really all it is cracked up to be?
What would I change to be with you…..what would you really change to be with me?

I know you are out there……..the reason I choose to hold steady and wait.    The desire within me that
stops  the tears of loneliness and brings into focus the fulfillment of your presence in my life.

This Valentine’s Day I may choose once again to light a candle for You as I sit alone and imagine light will attract light
and the dark and lonely places will be replaced with the joy of being with the person who makes  it easy to be the whole of who I am.

When we are ready.
The whole of who I am will complete the exact whole of who you are.
I will add to you as you add to me.

Wherever you are….....meet me in the middle.

Join me in the place where the contrast of where we were and where we have grown into, embrace in the middle
to live, laugh and love as the exact individuals we are ….
yet, strengthened by the support of the other 

in a place called “we”.

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