Anchored On the Edge of Life

Journal entry from April 2008 as the most reflective time of my life - graciously on the windy beach of Santa Cruz, California.

I feel I am so much like the sail boat that has been anchored at the edge of the ocean.

As much "on" the ocean as the yachts, cruise boats, otters and "surfer dudes" who move beyond that which is anchored. Stalled. 

Positioned and waiting for what? 

To journey where?

There is a part of me that desires to see the mast raise and the boat sail away ....maybe when that boat sails it will be a sign to me that the time of anchoring and rest has ended for me as well.

I feel like that boat....alone and yet a focal point of something yet to come. The power to sail is there...yet restrained during a waiting time in the journey to something unseen.

In the middle of the scene... a front row view of the action....yet forced to stay still.

Surrounded by wild life - surfers in groups representing those who know their purpose in life...the human surfer...the whales...the sea lion....the otter. I see them all as they go past the anchored boat and I wonder how their intention in life is so seemingly clear to them that it is what they seem to do without thought or worry.

Of of this playing out of destiny surrounded by the enormous sky and sea that captures the majesty of The Creator.

Myself like the boat I ponder. We are both seemingly small, yet great at some level. Weak yet courageous. Silent but shouting something very loud in the stillness just in the waiting. Free yet anchored.

Surfers come and go - boats race by and sea creatures seem aware but the boat stays anchored , never sailing , held tight by an unseen force beneath the water's depth.

Held back till the perfect time to be set free to sail , navigate and journey through the waves of live's unknown destiny.

As I expectantly await the day of it's release I wonder about it's journey. I wonder about mine.

Written by Debbie Kesley,