Stuck Sucking Air

How do we become so




Is it fear based ?  

Does the future and the unknown keep us attached to the present like a tick on an old hound dog?  

Do we possibly feed off of the resonating energy  of a past even when thlife-blood is no longer pumping through our heart?

The biggest question is are we actually living our truest life; 
the life we were designed to live 
or .....
are we simply sucking air?

Sucking air, while staying in jobs we hate - bound by the debt for a "better life?"

Sucking air, while living with spouses who make us miserable, existing day to day with frozen hearts attached to anchored bodies cemented in bondage.


Stuck.....sucking air. 

Air suckers. 


We have been duped at times. 

Deceived into believing

that the miserable 

"knowns" in life are safer 


somehow "better" than the unknowns.  

So, we each have a choice

Each moment, each day, each year our thoughts, our energy, our life blood 

   is being poured or drained into something called our one life. 

Will it be the cemented choices that keep us stuck sucking air ?  

Or rather, will we CHOOSE TO

take a risk and make a change 

that frees and releases us 

forward toward 

a life that is truly lived ?


  1. First let me say, I love the way the blog is set up! The different colors the alignment all over the place! Its different, I like it!

    Secondly, I loved this! I'm stuck, but I'm working on prying myself loose to a better tomorrow!

    Great post!

    30 Days of Gratitude Coach

  2. Thanks for this post - I was very much in "stuck" mode about four years ago. Took a giant step into the unknown, got out of a job that was indeed sucking all the life out of me, and it was the BEST thing I've ever done. Good luck to everyone who's considering a big giant leap.

  3. I think for the most part every one is "stuck and sucking air" most of their life...

    Unless they are lucky enough to slow down and really listen to what their gut is telling them.

    I'm grateful that I was one of the ones who slowed down enough to listen and I can thankfully say... I am no longer and air sucker:)

    Nice post Debbie

  4. Wow, your message really hit home with me this morning. I'm normally a very positive person, but no one's perfect and I definitely woke up sucking air ... you've at least put a smile on my face, I'll work on improving that from here.

  5. Great post Debbie, I know that for a lot of people it is a matter of not acting consistently enough on their calling that cause them to come back to sucking air...It takes determination and work to change! Great share! ~ Nathalie

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Great message. Yes, people do tend to stay where it's safe, no matter how miserable they may be, just because of the fear of the unkown.If they only knew how freeing taking a risk can be!

  7. Great post and so true Debbie - people tend to only leave their comfort zone and take a risk when the pain of where they are is much greater than the pain of taking a risk.

    Whilst they are "sucking air" and unhappy, they also feel safe in their comfort zone. Once that comfort zone gets so so painful and uncomfortable then they take action to get out - and that is when real change and freedom starts
    Better known as The How2Girl :)

  8. I love your concept. Great way to keep people's attention. :) The message was great. I know many who waste their time "sucking air" and missing out on opportunities because of it. Letting go and allowing is the key. Wish more paid attention.


  9. Like the others, I love your style of writing. I sure felt stuck when I looked at that picture!
    Feeling stuck is a sign, and sometimes necessary to pause and reflect.
    When I feel stuck I do or listen to something that gives me energy and enthusiasm!