Joy Unspeakable


The happy, goofy smile that spreads across my face at the strangest of times.

A warm tear that spills down my cheek, representing an emotion that has no words to describe.

Hot, fire-like breath is what I breathe in... followed by the cool water, spring-like release in what I blow out.

Joy is the intellect that declares “its finally all good.”

A free-spirited  "happy dance" in my heart that sings of my release!

Touchable, like a bank statement that expresses “SAFE” or a huge bill stamped PIF !

Joy…..unspeakable joy ………the moment when all things come together for good that is definable and recognizable in the eye of the beholder.

A journey where the total contrast of despair meets joy and joy begins to have it's day at the river of life which flows within the innermost parts of my being.



Moving down steam with ease, grace, freedom and the knowing that all is well.

Like “God force” living in me and through me as the “real me” that has come home to snuggle in the lap of my Creator for a long awaited moment of peace and rest.


Joy Unspeakable.

And so it is.

Written by Debbie Kesley @  http://www.ccpmsblues.blogspot.com


  1. Love this Debbie and have tweeted for you. Joy is the ultimate state to be feeling good in

  2. Debbie, great to read on a Friday after a difficult week. "Moving down steam with ease, grace, freedom and the knowing that all is well." Welcomed deep breath...

  3. I can feel it ! So well written.
    Enjoy the joy

  4. What a marvelous writer u r, Debbie!! My heart is deeply touched by this sharing :))

  5. JOY!!!! Oh the saying of it brings a smile to my face and a peace to my heart!!! JOY in abundance is the BEST type of joy - always, constant and in the flow of life.....great post to remind us of our JOY!