Let It Go

Let It Go my child,
As you sense the pull of the dark emotional
Black hole that presents it’s mystical lure,
Demanding a live sacrifice
To fill it’s empty alter.

Let it go my brother,
For there is a cure that no man has known and
Only a Savior can provide.
The dark appetite is never ending
And the price could be your very soul.

Let it go my sister,
As you seek a healing place which dispenses
The darkness that rages
From a place and time untold,
Where surviving instincts took residence in your heart.

Let it go my father,
Those lost moments
With your own children because your
Child within is still trapped inside a
cartoon of horror, which knows no laughter.

Let it go my mother,
The cry for love and acceptance,
Which drowns the very
Life blood from your
Anguished soul.

Let it go my friend,
For true love will come
In a way which only loves,
Protects and cherishes
The beautiful soul of who you are.

Let it go my child within,
The dream of fixing another
Who has no desire to be fixed.
Just accept life at times for
What it is, for who it is…..

And let it go.

Written by Debbie Kesley