The best experiences in life are free!

Take this dare……….grab a sheet of paper and write down your most amazing life experiences and those people whom you have shared the most joy with. Get real with yourself – not those you are suppose to think are amazing – but only those that touch your heart and soul with an unexplainable sense of happiness.  While you are at it……..what about your favorite job, hobby or person you desire above all else to spend time with?

Next………..think carefully about how that person, place, thing, or event came into your life. 

Did you track it down, shoot it, bag it and drag it home through extreme measures of your own efforts?  Was there manipulation, struggle, mental or emotional warfare?


Did The Universe seem to bring it into your life as a gift you had desired and at times did not even know how to express that particular longing?

Every single time I have to say; the people, places and things which have touched my life the most profoundly, have come to me…pure and simple.  In contrast, those situations where I found it “necessary” to manipulate, manage, baby-sit, worry over, and force into compliance with my “agenda” or “box” or “way of life” have turned out disastrous – without exception.

I’m “over it” at a level in life that is hard to explain.  I’m over worrying about what other people think.  My life is more than half over at best and as I get better at allowing my life to unfold naturally, the happier I become.

Funny how we seem to make a big deal about that one “struggle scene” when a caterpillar breaks out of the cocoon and transforms into a butterfly.  Fact is – she “just was” a caterpillar for the opening scene…and she “just was” a butterfly for the remainder of her life.  The struggle part was simply a time of transition which allowed her to step into her mature-self and into all that she was called to be from the beginning.   

I want to allow more.
I want to struggle less.  

I want to stop being small, squeezed in a corner space of other’s expectations of my function in their belief of who I am.  I want to spread my wings and fly where the wind might take me scattering a bit of delight for those who choose to see me as I truly am.  

To some I will always appear as a wormy caterpillar of sorts and to others I will always be a beautiful butterfly in their perception.  

Fact is my reality and existence is not defined by another person’s opinion anyway. I just am.  I am just another expression of God living through me as me.    

I want to allow more goodness to flow to me and through me – as me

I am considering the delight in a natural wide smile as I say “I don’t get it? The most amazing opportunities, people and love just keeps showing up for me – I didn’t do anything but believe it is coming and then just allow it.” 

The best experiences in life are free – when I choose to allow them to come to me, and flow through me as me!