Law of Attraction for Mud Pies and Manifestations

Kind of like looking at a Mud Pie while envisioning Apple Pie Ala'mode.......my journey for the last two months.

I became determined after my last temp job working as a data entry clerk that I absolutely had to do something different this time! Not only is my personality not wired for that type of cubicle work but my body is very sensitive to EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Fields) and after about 30 days I start getting sick.  During the ice storm in my area I had time to recover my body, mind and spirit and began to ask myself some serious questions about what has worked right for me and what has not.

2011 was going to be different for me and I determined to work my life AS ME!  I made my vision board, changed my resume and sent it out to all of the temp agencies that I have worked with in the past and started blogging again, as well as, looking for work that matched my gifts.  It felt so right. My meditation/prayer time, my  belief in me as me in the work place.......it was exciting!

But then.......a month passed without income.....then an additional month with no income and absolutely no calls from the Temp Agencies that had been my source of income. I was getting behind. Hit my first ever 30 days late car payment......then 45.  Honestly, it was getting hard to sleep because I was worried about losing my car in the dead of night.  So......sort of like facing a mud pie with the hopes of Apple Pie Ala'mode.......I went deeper.  I began to envision the $2,000.00 that I needed to get back in balance financially.  I took colored markers and wrote it over and over and over on a piece of paper and put it in the folder with my bills.  In my determination to see if this "stuff" worked or not I did not talk to others about how desperate the situation had become.  I did do my work looking for jobs....I did do my work of envisioning myself not needing anything.........then something happened.

A wonderful friend of mine held me yesterday and said "I can't help noticing how little food there is in your fridge....are you dead broke?"  My answer was truth. "Yes....broke...but not dead...I am too much of a fighter."  In a little bit he said "I can give you $2,000.00"   I just smiled , humbly and said "thank you" as I also chocked down that huge chunk of Tennessee pride that had defined me for so long.  I then went to my colorful sheet of paper I had tucked away. Handing it to him and asking,  "So what number do you see?"  

How amazing......what are the odds?  I put that number out there and it came back through a great friend, in a respectful, loving, non-judgmental, non-shaming way and I am still amazed and delighted.  He went home with half of that sheet of paper with $2,000.00 written all over it as his part of the miracle - at exactly the right time and exactly the amount I needed but was too proud to hint or ask for.

It shocked him as much as me ......but I could not think of a better person for that money to flow through because I know his blessings are on the way to him.  He said later that "I should not do that (manifestation) to people...but he was glad I had not believed for $10,000.00!"  We had a good laugh over that.  Last night I slept like a baby and I'm renewing my strength believing that The Universe will find a way.....believing that there is a great job for me to work as me and those doors will open when the time is right.  

In the meanwhile I will continue to see my little "mud pies" as "apple pie ala'mode" and attract all wonderful people, places, jobs and things into my life.

Written by  Debbie Kesley
First published 2/24/11

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  1. This was lovely Debbie. Isn't it comforting to know that we really are already taken care of? We just forget sometimes. The fact that you put yourself out there and got out of that job by taking a leap of faith shows that you are ready for the miraculous.

    Love you, Kim