Two Fish or Not Two Fish , That is the Question

Valentine's Day is honestly followed too closely to the holidays and coupled with dreary winter days which may cause a female on her own for seven years to considering things in life like "plenty of fish" or the lack thereof.

Kudos to myself for practicing some self-love and having a plan for Valentine's Day which involved a stop at my local 'Goodwill Store' to shop for some items to go into the loft apartment I am envisioning for myself this summer.

Never have I found exactly the pillows and a few decorative items that were just right and "so me" to make my new place a home.  However, I got stumped.  I stood staring at a large fish bowl complete with pretty little rocks. I stood there for a while and contemplated the fact that I have not really been fully responsible for anything for 7 years now....maybe I should get a fish.

Sounds strange coming from someone who has raised chickens, turkey, guineas, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, horses, huge gardens and two kids....kids complete with homeschooling.  I guess I have learned to value my freedom a bit since the divorce.  Kids are grown  .....maybe it is time to get a fish and go fishing for a Mr. Right.

Heck it was Valentine's Day and I did at least catch myself and expand my thinking into a possible feng-shui of the large fish bowl - turn it into TWO fish, attracting a touch of Mr. Right into my future by chance so next year I might be at a place to expand my bubble from a fish or two....to a man.

Well, apparently the pressure was a little too much.  I left the stupid fish bowl at the store, am still petting a friend's cat and wondering if I should take the next step toward adult hood and take such a bold feng-shui risk at this time.

Two Fish, or not Two Fish.....that is my question.