Sing Like a Turkey In The Rain

Contrast is defined as :  to set off in contrast : compare or appraise in respect to differences. 

As a Southern Girl,  the best way to describe contrast is "Cold as a Witches Tit" or "Hot as Hell" - those two environmental experiences which contribute to a Southern Girl achieving the sass and humidity survival instinct only akin to a Marine of sorts.  Combined with a Waffle House "bless your little heart" attitude in life while flicking away an irritating would-be-suitor as quickly as a irritating fly on a piece of apple pie.

But, back to contrast.  Have you ever experienced what every fiber of your being would refer to as "true love" and then for whatever reasons it did not work out.....and then you see the world around you through a whole different set of glasses so to speak?

Without the experience of "the real"  - the mundane and average relationship would have continued to be an acceptable option.

Welcome to the blessing and the cursing of CONTRAST !  In order to know what we do want, we have to flow from a place of knowing what we do NOT want.  

That no-man's desert land of trodding to the oasis where the real thirst of union can be quenched.  

A journey of sorts.

So, as a single woman there comes a time for survival during this desert experience.  Personally I have developed this little trick which might  help you too.

When I am feeling totally 'single' I sing "I am so beautiful......to MEEEEEEEEEE........I can SEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEE....I'm everything I hoped for.......I'm ...everything I NEEEEEEEeeeeeeD....I am so beautiful......to MEEEEEEEEEE....   "   My routine is to sing at the top of my voice until I get to giggling at myself and if I'm in the shower I have to remember not to sing with my mouth open because that has choked me like a turkey in the rain before.  

So, yes......when I'm sad I just sing and then I realize my voice is worse than my problems.

Written by Debbie Kesley
First posted 10/20/12