Stuck Sucking Air

How do we become so




Is it fear based ?  

Does the future and the unknown keep us attached to the present like a tick on an old hound dog?  

Do we possibly feed off of the resonating energy  of a past even when thlife-blood is no longer pumping through our heart?

The biggest question is are we actually living our truest life; 
the life we were designed to live 
or .....
are we simply sucking air?

Sucking air, while staying in jobs we hate - bound by the debt for a "better life?"

Sucking air, while living with spouses who make us miserable, existing day to day with frozen hearts attached to anchored bodies cemented in bondage.


Stuck.....sucking air. 

Air suckers. 


We have been duped at times. 

Deceived into believing

that the miserable 

"knowns" in life are safer 


somehow "better" than the unknowns.  

So, we each have a choice

Each moment, each day, each year our thoughts, our energy, our life blood 

   is being poured or drained into something called our one life. 

Will it be the cemented choices that keep us stuck sucking air ?  

Or rather, will we CHOOSE TO

take a risk and make a change 

that frees and releases us 

forward toward 

a life that is truly lived ?