Remembering the Cocoon of Love

Safe, inviting, a place you never want to leave
Remember it and feel it now.

It is brilliant, warm and ever so peaceful!
Release does not begin to describe the sensation of
relaxation that is found in this place of belonging.
Trusting… total trust in the protective cocoon
that surrounds your very being.

Is it birth?
The first gasp of breath; the succumbing into
a new experience you have never entered into before:
the liberation from one place you have known and grown out of,
to be delivered into a new, mysterious dimension of expansion.

Is it creation?
The exhale of breath, the sexual orgasmic freeing from two
bodies that project an expansion of energy so intense
that a new life is created from that vibrational union –
releasing a new life into a cocooned womb of love.

Is it spiritual?
A transfer of Supreme, pure love so strong
it draws your breath away, as you yield into a
Presence so intense, warm and light- filled that
you never want to leave the cocoon that embraces your very soul.

Is it mystical?
Angel’s wings that enfold you after you have sobbed
your deepest, loneliest breath, before surrendering to a Higher Power;
simply to awaken later wrapped in an invisible blanket of protection 
so real you bask in it's comfort without a care in the world.

Is it death?
That exacting breath that gives up the physical suit
we call a body with all of its human limitations;
only to soar like the wind into a Spiritual form
which knows no boundaries.

Breath… release….total release before
Entering the place of presence,
where the love is most profoundly intense.
The cocoon of absolute protection where there is no place of fear
But Only of love – the purest existence of love.

Written by:
 Debbie Kesley

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