Breathe......Just Breathe!


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One day this will be an old entry and I expect to be in an entirely different place than today....but today I choose to be vulnerable in my writings.

I have thought so many times about how I came to the place I am today.....what could I have done differently?  I've been judged critically by my birth father and even at times those friends who are closest to me.  I have also been loved to pieces by my real Pappa and housed, fed and treated like a queen by friends who have reached out at times when I felt like giving up.

I've learned to give that 19 year old a break for marrying young - she believed in love.  I've congratulated the 21 year old for in the mist of some very challenging circumstances she raised two great kids who are affecting society in a positive way.  I've developed ways of comforting the middle aged divorcee and held her hand while she grieved and learned to face an entire different world than the one she had known for 23 years. I've looked in the mirror at the new person in front of me and honestly been able to say "You Rock!"  Those are some of the journey stages that I have gone through.....my journey.....only my life and it's crazy twists and turns.....decisions that I have made to the best of my ability throughout.

My favorite story in the Bible is from Genesis 37-45; the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.  Many times I have thought about how he just kept doing the best he could in the dark places of life that his journey brought him through.  I think about how he continually tried to do the right thing by others even when he was wrongfully accused, forgotten and betrayed.  I've pondered the idea that God did not allow those situations to punish Joseph but rather to prepare him to be a leader with a tender heart and a fair hand.

I wonder if like myself he had days where he told himself  "Just Breathe"!  I bet he had to choose to forgive many people for many offenses.  I imagine that he wrestled with taking revenge on those from his past.  Mostly, I think he learned the secret of 'doing what was right because it was right' and above all I believe he chose to look ahead in his visions of the day he would no longer be in prison.

We all have emotional, physical, spiritual, financial prisons to deal with.  Those dark places where we find our selves in moments of seemingly powerlessness.  However, we breathe, we have a choice to forgive or turn bitter....a choice to think on the negative or move toward the positive. We can control our responses to the situations in which we find ourselves......we can choose faith, hope and love.

Written by Debbie Kesley

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