Heart of Wood or Gold?

Heart of wood or heart of gold?

Heart of wood I think...........................…

How do I order one?

What will it take to no longer hurt over the disappointments and cruelties of others?

How does one get to that seemingly magical place where they no longer care?

Why not just develop a suspicious mind as opposed to believing the best in others?

Maybe in crying one more time the blood flow from the heart of gold will drain too and the empty eyes that so many women have will take their places beside the heart of wood.

The heart of wood is able to face life with an “I don’t give a shit attitude” that seems to help others breeze through life so easily from a position of dry deadness high above the blood bath inflicted in the daily wars of life below.

What are some expectations of a heart of gold? 

Expectations that a relationship will work…that an employer will have not only his best interests at heart ….that friends and family will let you dream big or pitch a bitch or cry till there is nothing left but still know that the heart of the woman is good and not judge her for the path she is on at this time? A heart of gold believes in others and in a "higher power" than themselves that allows them to be vunerable ONE more time.

Is settling for a heart of wood as opposed to a heart of gold the best path to follow?

Honestly….tonight my eyes are swollen from tears of left over divorce financial traps that were not of my doing . . . that to this very day years later continue to haunt me.

Swollen from crying and refusing the rest of another night alone in a bed for two.

Swollen from grieving the unfairness of a future that seems to know no release from both of these living nightmares.

A heart of wood or a heart of gold?

A heart that cares or a heart that does not give a care?
Sometimes a person can just get tired of trying to do the right thing.

Tired of crying because of the pain inflicted by others. 

Just tired.

Written by Debbie Kesley

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