Human Bridge, written by Debbie Kesley

A spiritual force in a human hand that
Reaches out….. spanning and providing passage between
The barriers of one’s past toward
The excellence of their future.
The little blonde child within has
No problem maneuvering through the crowds of
Tallness around her, even when at times she
Feels small, because,

She has seen a glimpse of another
Scared, cold, lonely, frightened, lost, child
Peeking out through the eyes of
A woman on the other side.

With pig tails bouncing, and the sound of
Little red shoes tapping across the
Road that only a few have traveled ………
She smiles sweetly and reaches out a hand.

In the physical form the hand is older
Reaching from one woman to another.
The smile is still there connecting hearts
But surrounded by wrinkles of wisdom.

The Wisdom knows the journey she
Will guide this weary Traveler along
Is not a dead end street but
Rather the Road of Transformation.

And she………is a Human Bridge to that Transformation.

written by Debbie Kesley 01/27/11

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