Icy Hearts

Icy Hearts

Like a winter storm
life sometimes blows in
with a snow flake here and there
getting your attention.

Those few snow flakes 
become many in number
and what was once beauty
becomes a thing to dread.

Layer upon layer .....
foundations which were once solid 
and dependable become unsteady
unpredictable and even treacherous.

We crawl under the covers
seeking comfort for a time but 
yet the snow becomes icy
much like the hearts of some we know.

Layer upon layer of 
encrusted , frozen, slippery elements
that defy all of nature to do anything
other than step back and wait.

Wait for a season of time 
to pass - bringing some resemblance
of warmth to melt the layers
of an unwelcomed storm.

The sun appears, the icy layers
eventually melt into the
ground below.......
nurturing and preparing for growth.

with a face toward the 
sky and the sun
breathing in the fresh air of renewal.

Written by Debbie Kesley

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