Blonde Jokes and Bossy Birds!!!

I love the song ‘Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert’  and sometimes when I let the child in me come out to play - it is like the Angels themselves giggle at the possibilities and flutter even closer because I’ve learned that Jesus/God/Spirit understands a mind like mine!

 My prayer (thought/intention) was spoken out loud during my morning quite time (meditation) and it went like this....

“God, please give me the eyes to see your cattle on a thousand hills.”   (Psalm 50:10) 

What I did NOT say, because I do eventually learn was :      “ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd, {booohooohooo}     I reeealy neeeeeeeeed more money {sniffle snot} and I neeeeeeeeeeed it now!  {snott, sniffle}  Oh God pleeeeaaaassssse helllllp  me. You prrrrromissed!!” {boooohoooohooooo snott, snott, sniffle, sniffle}

Why did I not pray that way? 
Because I am connecting to the thought  that I was not put upon this earth as an orphan from the Universe.  I am not separate – I am connected to the great God who created me and sustains me.  So is that force lacking? Stingy?  Ignorant to the needs of his creation? A liar who says I am his child and yet would withhold blessings?

Nope…… I tried a different approach…… standing in the knowledge that the cattle (blessings) and the land (thousands) are symbolic of the resources that are plentiful…….then maybe the problem is with my “eyes to see”?  
That is what I was thinking.

Now comes the part where the ‘bossy birds’ come in.  

Most mornings my meditation (quiet time) occurs on the front porch swing and I have little peaceful, quite bird visitors 3 feet away who join me.

On this particular morning the feeder was running low and one of my favorite birds came to make a gigantic fuss over that fact and put on quite a dramatic show; which included, getting into the cage and walking around in circles while sticking his head in the feeding holes while using loud foul- fowl words to let me know what a dreadful provider I was being. 

The thought that came to mind was “what a silly bird……..he is walking on his provision and does not even see it because he is expecting it to be fed to him the usual way.”  “He is standing on it and does not even see it.”   

My creative and funny Angel whispers “God..please give me the eyes to see my provision......you are walking in it!”

This morning I was sensing a blog post coming on and I came across this blonde joke: 

A blonde just hates M&Ms because they are sooooo hard to peel!

As I said, the Angels giggle when I become determined to hear an answer.  
My answer came in the form of a bossy bird and a blonde joke.

Answer being, - - -  the provision is here……stop walking in frantic circles looking for it…….and if it comes in a form of deliciously wrapped manner……enjoy the entire treat…..no peeling away the layers is necessary…..just eat.  
Taste and see that The Lord (The Universe/God/Jehovah/Sprit) is good and his mercies endure forever! 

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